Kitchen and Dining areas:
-Clean kitchen table and chairs
-Cabinets wiped out
-Counter tops cleaned
-Top and front of range cleaned
-Drip or glass top surfaces wiped
-Sinks cleaned and chrome shined
-Front of all appliances cleaned
-Microwave cleaned (in/out)
-Check the cobwebs and removed
-Doors and frames dusted
-Window sills, and blinds dusted
-Remove any trash
-Vacuumed floors and Washed by hand
-Baseboards dusted

-Tile walls, bathtubs and showers cleaned
-Showers doors tracks cleaned
-Vanity and sink cleaned
-Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned/shined
-Clean outside cabinets
-Toilets thoroughly cleaned
-Tissue holder and towel rack dusted
-Check the cobwebs and removed
-Light bulb dusted, Baseboards dusted
-Doors and door frames dusted
-Window sills, and blinds dusted
-Remove any trash
-Bathroom rugs vacuumed
-Vacuumed the floor and washed by hand

Bedrooms/living areas:
-Make the beds or change the lines (if left out)
-Check the cobwebs and removed
-Ceiling fans dusted
-Lamp shades dusted
-Pictures frames dusted
-Doors and doors frames dusted
-Heavy knickknacks areas dusted
-Window sills, and blinds dusted
-Light switches wiped out
-Baseboards dusted
-Picture frames/wall decoration dust..
-Stair dusted and vacuumed
-Wood floors vacuumed and mopped
-Empty closet floors vacuumed
-Cushion vacuumed (optional)
-Accessible floors vacuumed
-General dusting (or polish all furniture optional)
-Tile walls, bathtubs and showers clean

Fully Insured.

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